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Chin Filler

Chins can be injected for 2 purposes with dermal filler

1.      To look younger

2.      To look more beautiful.

As women age, our skull rotates, with the chin moving backward, the bone and soft tissue in the chin area dissolves, leaving us with reduced structural support in that area. This has a flow on effect to our neck and jowls. It is easy to replace the structural support that has been lost with dermal filler

Some people were born with great a great profile including a well projected chin, and others were born with underdeveloped or recessive chins whose appearance could be improved. For those who weren’t born with the perfect chin, it is so simple to just inject them to improve the appearance.

Dermal filler can improve:

Size of the chin: It is very easy to enlarge client’s chins with dermal filler

Length of the chin: Some clients are too short in the chin. This is easily remedied with dermal filler injections to lengthen the chin

Projection of the chin: It is very common for clients to present with recessive chins on profile. Dermal filler can be injected to make a stronger more projected chin

Shape of the chin: Some clients need more length, width, more angular, less angular chins. Some clients think their chins are too pointy, these chins can be made more round. Some clients think that their chins are too square and we can make these look more round. Some clients want a more pointy, angular appearance to their chin. The client will be assessed and the technician will have a discussion with the client about their anatomy, and how it can be improved.

Symmetry of the chin: asymmetry of the chin can be improved with dermal filler treatment


Choosing the dose of dermal fillers

The dose required for chin filling is very variable. Some clients will be satisfied with 1ml, others will need more to get the results that they want

The technician will assess the face and decide on the best dose after taking a history and examining the client. If a client has a history of complications with dermal fillers, or if their budget is small or if they want a more subtle result, then a smaller dose might be chosen to start with.

Pain relief during treatment

A numbing cream (eg EMLA or LMX) may be applied to the area prior to the treatment (45 minutes prior is ideal) Glad wrap may be used over the numbing cream to increase its effect. You will be required to purchase this from a pharmacy.

There is local anaesthetic in the dermal filler

Ice may use to decrease pain and to reduce the risk of bruising.

What happens during the injectables treatment itself?

The face will be cleaned with alcohol.

Ice will be applied to the area briefly before treatment The technician will inject using a very fine needle. Then pressure with gauze will be applied.

If a cannula is used, which is most common in the chin, a small injection of local anaesthetic is injected into the skin and then a fine needle makes a small hole in the skin where the cannula is inserted.

How will I look after dermal filler in the chin?

There may be redness and swelling. The chin may have a more “sharp” look about it, but when the swelling goes down after 2 days, the sharpness will reduce and give way to a more natural appearance. Clients may like the swelling in the first couple of days

What to expect after a dermal filler treatment?

The effect of the dermal filler will be obvious immediately

Most of the swelling from the dermal filler will have resolved by 2-3 days after the procedure. There may be a small amount of swelling for even 2-4 weeks after the procedure.

How long will the treatment last?

The answer to this is very individual and depends on the client’s anatomy, metabolism, the dose, the placement, the product etc. Typically with our most commonly used dermal filler: If the client is happy with the results at 1 month (ie there has been adequate fill) they should be treated again within 9-12 months.