//The Modern Makeup Revolution: 3 Reasons to switch to semi-permanent makeup

The Modern Makeup Revolution: 3 Reasons to switch to semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is sweeping the nation. What might surprise you, however, is that this treatment has been available for quite a while. So what exactly is all the fuss about? And how could semi-permanent makeup be your ideal makeup solution?

1. Save valuable time during those busy mornings.
Mornings are hectic enough as It is. Sometimes fitting in time for a shower can be difficult in the process of getting up and out of the house on time, never mind putting a full face of make-up on. With semi-permanent makeup, the time-consuming makeup application of eyeliner and eyebrow pencil is a thing of the past. You can get on with your day knowing that your make up is flawless.

2. Long-lasting
Possibly the best thing about semi-permanent makeup is that it is long-lasting. Unlike traditional makeup products, semi-permanent makeup products don’t need removal and re-application every day. A typical semi-permanent eyebrow, eyeliner, or lipliner treatment, will last for approximately 6-12 months before a top-up is required, meaning you can finally ditch that cumbersome make-up bag.

3. Can be used to minimise appearance of scars
Facial scars can sometimes be a significant hindrance to our self-confidence. In certain circumstances, semi-permanent makeup can be used to reduce the appearance of these scars, whether around the lip, on the skin, or by the eyebrow. Technicians will look to match the makeup pigmentation with the natural skin tone, and can often complete the process in just a few visits.

It should be noted that any procedure on scar tissue should only take place after the skin colour has stabilised, which can take anywhere from a couple of months, to a couple of years.

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