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Permanent Eyebrows

Who doesnt want to wake up looking flawless every morning with no effort? I know id rather have this than looking at a set of uneven, untame and overall sad set of brows. JMK Cosmetics is the perfect remedy, now you can relax a bit more in the mornings and love your brows.

Why choose semi permanent eyebrows?

  • An expensive monthly make up bill to ensure your brows tinted and plucked to perfection by someone else
  • The daily annoyance of creating perfect brows, whist do one hundred other things in the morning
  • Fed up of selecting which brow template to try!
  • Your eyebrows sweating off mid work out
  • Always dodging the weather
  • Be carefree on holiday getting in and out of the pool



  • Will my brow sweat off mid work out?
  • Dodging the British weather
  • Getting in and out of the swiming pool/ sauna and fearing for your brows


You can forget all these now, you are in the perfect place. In just under 3 hours you can wave goodbye all your brow terrors and frustrations and self consciousness. Now you can have long lasting brows that are perfect in all situations. You can pick from a variety of different styles of brows too, one size does not fit all! Some of you will want a natural looking hair stroke, whereas others would prefer a brow that looks powdered on, or maybe you like a soft but defined ombre look? All this will be decided in your consultation right before your treatment.