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Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner when applied correctly excentuate everyones eyes and brings them to life. Some like to just line the top, others just the bottom and some both, eyeliner is unqiue to everyone of us. The most popular is a lash enhancement in where pigment is carefully implanted between the lashes to give an illusion of definition and full lashes.


This treatment is must have for the every day eyeliner wearers, those who struggle to apply their liner, have allergies or are always victim to the smudge. This is the treatment which most people are most worried about, but you need not to be, here is some information on the safety of the treatment.

  • An expensive monthly make up bill to ensure your brows tinted and plucked to perfection by someone else
  • The daily annoyance of creating perfect brows, whist do one hundred other things in the morning
  • Selecting which brow template to try!



When treating an area such as the eye extra caution is taken, however by adopting a series of stretching techniques and hand placements throughout the procedure, I remain fully in control at all times.

Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic mineral pigments are used, which are combined with the latest devices to guarantee your safety and comfort. A thorough consultation is taken prior to discuss your expectation, thickness of lines and the look you want to achieve. Of course I will use my expert opinion thorough to ensure that the correct colour and style is chosen for your face shape and skin. Specialist anesthetics are applied to ensure that the treatment is comfortable for you at all times.


The top lid eyeliner this is a technique which applies the eyeliner throughout and above the eyelashes of your top lid. The difference between this technique and the eyelash enhancement, is that the eyeliner in this treatment is positioned both above and beyond the eyelash, creating a visible line on the upper lid, similar in effect to what you would create yourself if using a kohl based eye pencil. Depending on your specific request, a thinner or thicker line can be drawn. The effects vary from subtle and natural to a more dramatic and intense look. The same technique can be used for both top and bottom lashes.


This treatment brings light into the eyes as pigments are implanted carefully along the line of the lash, this fills in any unwanted gaps, creates volume and subtle definition. We can add to both lids if thats what you desire or just one.
The bottom lash line is almost always thinner than the top, so we add a touch more definition to open the eye. Of course we always keep the top lid more intense but add carefully to the bottom to reveal a natural looking definition.