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Permanent Makeup



Lip Colour

Frequently Asked Questions: PMU

How Long Will It Last?

Permanent make-up can last for many years depending on a variety of factors including skin type, amount of sun exposure and lifestyle. A annual colour boost is recommend to ensure that your tattoo looks fresh and lasts, this is then a single treatment.

Is it safe?

All the procedures and treatments are totally safe. Colour pigments are made of natural minerals and are specifically selected for their safe non-toxic hypo-allergenic properties. They are trusted by technicians and cosmetic surgeons throughout the world. Ophthalmologists recommend eye procedures for women with sensitive eyes.

Does it hurt?

Each procedure is performed with your comfort in mind. Anaesthetic prior to treatment to minimise discomfort. Check out the reviews to see how painless permanent make up is.

How long will it take?

2.5 hours is allowed for your first sitting of permanent make up. Included in this a thorough consultation where we decide on the style for you, the pre drawing (no i don’t just go free hand! We make sure you are happy with the shape before we start), colour of tattoo and the treatment itself. Most treatments are completed within 2 hours but we don’t like to feel rushed, this allows time to make any tweaks if necessary.