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Permanent Make Up is a process with healing variables, therefore healed colour cannot be guaranteed

Permanent Make Up is a multi treatment process with colour being implanted slowly and carefully over a period of time in a layering process.

My chosen permanent make up colour will look much darker when initially implanted but should exfoliate and lighten within 7/11 days

Permanent make up work cannot be undertaken for 4-8 weeks, in order for the skin to fully heal.

Colours will fade and alter with time. To keep a fresh appearance, a re-touch procedure will be will be required every year. Fade is dependent on age, skin type, medication and colour chosen and sun exposure.

Permanent make up is not for everyone. Problem skin types can fail to retain pigment as well as others. Jade does not offer refunds in these cases as the treatment has been carried out at a cost to ourselves.

Dermal fillers are naturally broken down through the body over time, each individuals filler will dissolve at different rates, therefore an exact longevity timescale cannot be given

Your signature where relevant upon consent for treatment is confirmation that no liability shall fall upon JMK Cosmetics in the circumstances where the client may react to treatments undertaken, for example; swelling. bruising. burning, itching, skin discolouration. scabbing. blotchiness or subsequent symptoms there of.

JMK Cosmetics is not liable under any circumstances where the client gives false information with regards to any contra indication or false persons.

It is agreed by the client that it is their responsibility to inform JMK Cosmetics at all times of any allergies or symptoms prior to treatment & that JMK Cosmetics is not liable for such negligence.

Deposits are non-refundable or transferable to other dates

Any treatments cancelled with less than 24hours notice a 50% charge will be given